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Our Services

90- Minute Focus Session

Includes 30 min follow-up session

This focus session is designed to assist with clarity on your current financial situation, a discussion of where you want to be in your finances & a brief overview of your current income & expenses. This session also includes a follow-up summary and a 30min follow-up session.

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90-day Savings/Budgeting Package

60-minute bi weekly meetings

In this 90-day program, I will teach you how to read your credit report and how to dispute items. I will provide you with an understanding of the importance of credit and introduce healthy credit utilization skills. At the end of the program, you will walk away with an understanding of your credit, how to be disciplined when using credit, and confidence in your financial future.  

Package Features:  ​

• Pulling credit report with a full review 

• Dealing with creditors and disputes 

• Paying down/paying off debt

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6 Months Savings/Budgeting Package

60-minute bi weekly meetings

This 6-month program is designed to help you further enhance your understanding and ability to save and budget. Within 6-months you will be confident with spending, tracking, and building a nest egg.


  • Develop a payment schedule of when all bills are due. 

  • Utilize daily spending plan tools- mint app, envelope system, quick books, etc.

  • Implement 30-day rule- wants vs needs.

  • Create savings plan.

Financial Literacy Workshops

TS Financial believes that education is essential to promoting financial strength and wellness. Financial Literacy workshops are available. 

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